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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mackenzie Technology Solutions on a daily basis. From simple IT management to large infrastructure and tech solutions, Mackenzie Technology Solutions always delivers above expectation, on time and on budget. No project is too small or too large and no question goes unanswered. What impresses me most is how Mackenzie Technology Solutions goes out of their way to understand my business and offers ways to make our company more efficient and innovative. I would recommend [this company] to anyone looking for a partner to grow their business and stay on top of technology trends.

— Steve Waugh, Giants & Gentlemen Advertising Inc.

As a small business owner with approximately 10 computers to maintain, we rely heavily on our partner to keep us up and running, something you guys have been able to do for us quite flawlessly for the past 18 mont hs or so. If you remember, I came to you after having a terrible experience with another IT support team. We had spent way too much money and were always having problems, for which we were apparently to blame. But all this changed when you took over. You appear to catch things before they become a problem, and when something doe s happen (like the hardware failure on one of our computers) you have everything backup and running in a very quick time frame. “I am not a “computer guy”, so I need a partner that keeps things safe and backed up, knows how to quickly update systems for changing personnel and can advise me on what are the best IT solutions for my business needs. In every way, your team is absolutely excellent. And somehow you are able to keep from laughing when we lose our POS system access, and you discover someone has simply unplugged a cable! Very professional and understanding towards my bright but “IT challenged” team (myself included). “The spend with your company has been well worth it for our business, excellent value for the money. I would highly recommend your company to any business that wants to leave the IT side to a qualified partner.”

— Andy Nemes, Owner, Design on King

“Over a number of years, I have used different computer experts to install, maintain and repair our computers and computer systems.

Mackenzie Technology Solutions is by far the best. “When the problem is urgent, their response time is measured in hours, if not minutes, and I certainly hear back from them the very same day. They have always been able to fix the problem quickly and expeditiously, both through remote access and in person. They have also provided proactive services that ensure that our systems and data remain efficient and protected.

— Rob Herman, R. Herman Arbitration/Mediation


“The Learning Centre was using an IT service provider based in Richmond Hill, a business relationship that came out of a personal relationship. We began to experience some challenges, and removing ourselves from this situation was difficult as a result of the personal relationship. We reached a point where we were desperate for a new service provider. “Mackenzie Technology came to our rescue. “We reached out to them and within 24 hours we were sitting across the table from each other working on a solution. As a charity we are always challenged with matching the service provider with the available dollars. It was clear to me from the very beginning that this organization was going to work with us regardless of budget. The first order of business was to “ fix” us and get our IT where it needed to be. The conversation around their costs was secondary. Much of our IT budget had already been spent and some had been committed to our previous service provider. This did not stop Mathew and Mandy from working with us to find a solution. They have taken the dollars available and moved forward with the task at hand. The level of MTSI Website Content 1st draft page 23 professionalism, attention to detail and their immediate response to our questions and concerns demonstrates a commitment that is very rare

— Executive Director, Learning Centre for Georgina

Mackenzie Technology Solutions has provided our office with exemplary and professional IT services for a number of years. Their quick attention to solving technical problems is appreciated especially working in a busy law firm environment where we have many clients who are depending on us. It’s also nice to be dealing with an IT specialist who listens, communicates well and has a wonderful personality!”

— Paul Sanderson, Sanderson Entertainment Law

In June of 2015 I hired Mackenzie Technology Solutions to facilitate a comprehensive move of technolog y during our facility renovation. It required a physical move of assets and the corresponding wiring and set up in new locations. Timing and immediate functionality were priorities for my business. I was very impressed with the 3 stage quotation on priorities and the detailed list of risks and support to accommodate any issues. “In the end our move went seamlessly (at least to me). Matt and Mandy provided me with valuable information for future projects based on concerns I shared with them. They have provided solution for everything. We have an ongoing support contract that has given me peace of mind. “I would not hesitate to recommend their business to others in need of technology support whether it be existing or recommendations on new hardware/software.”

— Robin Smith, Owner, NRG Fitness 247

We are a small company who were in desperate need of a major overhaul of our aging systems and software a s well as optimizing our network and making it more secure. Matthew conducted a thorough assessment of our needs by analyzing how we operate in our current environment and took the time to gain an understanding of the challenges we had and the resources available. After careful consideration and analysis, Matthew made recommendations based on where we would get the most value out of our budget and still accomplish our goals. Matthew completed the work to the letter of the SOW as well as on budget. Mandy played an integral part by keeping the project moving on schedule and ensuring everyone stayed up to date on milestones and next steps. “Our new system is faster, more secure and addressed the shortcomings our previous set up had. After the implementation was complete, Matthew offered invaluable assistance with upgrading our enterprise software system. Since then, Matthew has been providing ongoing support and is always available to provide assistance when needed. He consistently monitors our system and security and performs regular updates and optimizations as necessary. Mandy checks in often to make sure everything is running as expected and addresses any concerns (no matter how trivial) promptly. Mandy and Matthew are wonderful to work with and truly want you to be informed about the technologies they employ. I felt involved in every step of the project and had every confidence that Matthew was looking out for our best interests. “Being a small company without a dedicated IT person on staff, it is difficult to entrust someone with something as integral to your business as your technology and sensitive data. It is reassuring to know that Matthew is watching over everything.

— Charlene Davis, AMPOT Portable Toilets