Technology Rot Is Real

Technology Rot Is Real

Rot is the process of decaying. Left unattended and uncared for all organic materials will begin to rot: the fruit left on a counter for weeks, the untreated wood in a garden shed, even the metal poles of a fence will begin to oxide, which is a form of rotting.

 As humans we accept that we need to take care of and pay attention to certain types of materials so that they do not start to fall prey to this decaying process, or if we are too late, to replace the rotting piece with something that is healthy.

 Although not a living/breathing entity, Technology software and hardware do have a ‘life’ of their own, forever changing and growing into newer, and often better, entities. When this life is ignored or not taken care of, it too will begin to rot.

 Unfortunately, Technology Rot does not smell bad like rotten apples do, thereby alerting its owner of something decaying; rather Technology Rot reveals itself in a variety of other ways:

-              Moving mechanical parts that process information will start to wear down, degrade and eventually break. Symptoms include regular computer crashes, overheated computer towers, loud noises and whirring sounds.

-              Faulty, ‘buggy’ software that deteriorates its performance overtime thereby creating computer vulnerabilities and degrading reliability. Symptoms include frozen programs, slow load ups, software crashes, and worse of all viruses and bugs.

 We have daily discussion with business owners about the ever changing pace of technology, always bemoaning the fact that as soon as they have set up a new technology in their office, something newer comes along. As a result, many of these business owners choose not to take the step towards that update or upgrade.

 What most of these business owners don’t discuss though, is what is happening to their business as their old, outdated technology slowly begins to rot.

 Ignoring the lifespan of the mechanics of servers, networks, computers, printers, and avoiding software updates or not implementing them in a timely manner, means that systems are left in a highly vulnerable state prone to increased failures and viruses. Not only does this create extreme security concerns to any business and their clients, but also slows down productivity and efficiency, thereby affecting a business’ bottom line profits.

 One of the more prominent issues we have experienced as a result of rotting technology is the increased risk of hackers corrupting or stealing important business information. Ransomwares - viruses designed to lock out and encrypt a hard drive, demanding thousands of dollars to unencrypt important information - are becoming way more commonplace due to the increase in rotted and corrupted software.

Another major issues we are seeing more often are outright hard drive crashes that wipe clean all data off a 15 year old server that was not properly backed up.

Our hearts go out to these business owners who, without the right support or direction, let their technology rot to the point of no return. The very same point where they might throw that rotten apple in the garbage without taking even one bite.

The truth is, these nightmares are completely avoidable; given the right support, the right tools, and the right implementation done by the right IT Specialists, technology can be properly maintained for a lifetime of good health and longevity – without breaking the bank!

 With all this Technology now an integral part of our personal and business lives, the rot that we are experiencing is something that should not be ignored or abandoned.

 Trusting your technology to "Just work" is not the correct, nor feasible option, and the old adage of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a nonsense mentality that cannot be the standard approach now or in the future.

 Stay on top of your Technology. Don’t let it rot to the point of obsolete. Ask for advice. And seek real IT Specialists who recognize the importance of keeping your Technology – and business – safe, secure and functioning.


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“Did you try rebooting your computer?”