MS Support for Windows 7 is ending!

MS Support for Windows 7 is ending!

January 14, 2020 has become the new D-Day for anyone running Windows 7.

As of this date Microsoft will no longer provide security or feature updates, patches, or any support for PCs running the WIN7 OS.

This means that if you’re using Windows 7, your computer will become highly vulnerable to security risks!

Now is a good time to start the process of moving to Windows 10 to ensure that your Systems - and business functioning - continue to stay current and, more importantly, secure.

Making a move to a new Operating System - especially if several of your computers in your business are running Windows 7 - can seem like a daunting task; but with the proper planning, testing and structured implementation, making this important upgrade can be trouble-free!

So what to do if your business is running on a Windows 7 environment - and essentially, running out of time?

The first answer: BACK UP. Everything. And ensure that important company and client data does not become lost or corrupt during a transfer.

Then, evaluate your current hardware to confirm compatibility and performance with the new Windows 10 OS. We also recommend you review all legacy Systems i.e. Servers and Business Specifics Applications, to ensure that they too are compatible with Windows 10, and can endure the upgrade.

And our best recommendation?
Take one greater step forward towards enhanced technology and move to The Cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

There are numerous benefits to moving to this Subscription Based environment - including the ability to extend the life of your hardware and reduce immediate upfront costs.

It may seem like a big leap from Windows 7 to a cloud based environment, but while you’re moving towards the future you might as well jump on board and enjoy the ride!

With only 6 months to go until the Windows 7 OS is no longer a viable option to operate your business with, now is definitely the time to consider what steps to take - and the process required to take them!

There is certainly a lot to consider, and planning is key to a successful transition, so give us - Your Tech Guardians - a call and we’ll help guide you through this decision, ensuring that the right choices are made based on your specific business needs and future growth plans.


Canadian Companies Aren't Prepared For Technology Upgrades

Canadian Companies Aren't Prepared For Technology Upgrades