Delivering Digital Transformation & Technology Solutions With A Personal Touch

right-sizing digital transformation

no business is too small to reap the benefits of digital transformation…

“Digital transformation” is generally defined as the integration of digital technology (any electronic equipment or application that uses information in numeric code) into all areas of a business—systems, processes, communications, marketing and customer service.

Digital transformation will change the way you do business in the coming years. Large enterprises are investing millions (and millions) of dollars in digital transformation. But for once, SMEs have a competitive advantage.

Most small-to-medium size businesses are not burdened with costly “legacy” systems - like large Enterprise companies are.
Rather, the tech investment is smaller and more flexible, so smaller business owners are more nimble in their ability to adapt to change.
The key is figuring out how to leverage existing tech and integrate new tech to optimize the business.

That’s where MTSI can help.

MTSI is a full service technology consulting company that delivers technology solutions with a personal touch. Our unique approach puts your needs front and center. We bring enterprise-sized digital transformation to small-to-medium sized organizations. We work with you to tailor scalable, affordable solutions and support. Our goal is to help you leverage technology to drive business results.

what are the benefits?

increase efficiency, reduced risk, and make your customers happier…

Here are the 5 key benefits of digital transformation. All can help you grow bottom line productivity and profitability.

1. Streamline processes: Automate repetitive or manual tasks, collaborate across systems and integrate social media channels to streamline the inner workings of your business.

2. Increase efficiency and flexibility: Eliminate bottlenecks and create automated workflows that can adapt to changing business models, market demands and technology initiatives.

3. Reduce security and privacy risk: Securely backup business data to reduce the risk of business disruption by hackers or ransomware, while also ensuring compliance with increasingly strict privacy regulations.

4. Enhance decision-making: Use business intelligence tools to mine your digital data and gain insights on customers, markets, competitors and costs. Insights you can use to improve decision-making.

5. Improve customer satisfaction: Providing customers with simple, streamlined interactions and efficient service can greatly improve satisfaction. Streamlined processes, increased efficiency and flexibility, reduced risk, enhanced decision-making and improved customer satisfaction—all can impact your bottom line productivity and profitability.

how do I manage it?

leave it to us to manage with you…

MTSI has years of experience helping small to medium-size businesses optimize their technology.

We understand that you probably don’t have a large IT department, if you have one at all. And while some investment is necessary, we also understand the importance of affordability. Digital transformation is a journey, so we begin with a detailed digital transformation road map.
This road map shows how you can use technology to improve your bottom line, from cost-cutting to more efficient workflows, from streamlined communications to enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • We’ll explore ways to leverage existing systems and bring in new technology to optimize key processes;

  • We’ll work together to clearly understand and prioritize your areas of focus;

  • We’ll provide a clear, understood process of digital enhancement, complete with required investment and expected return on investment;

  • We’ll help you decide what works for you and what scale makes sense for your business.

Through close collaboration with your team, we’ll determine the best (not necessarily the most advanced or expensive) technology solution for your actual needs. That’s the beauty of outsourcing your IT. We work together to develop a solution tailored to your needs.