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At some point in the life of a business, every business owner needs to take a step back and look at their technology set-up to understand how it is impacting - or hindering - their growth, efficiency and profitability.

Even if everything appears to be running well on the surface, with the pace at which technology is constantly changing and developing, every business owner should ask themselves
what more can be done to improve my business beyond it’s current capacity?! Chances are, there are lots of things.

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what business owners should be asking themselves…

  • Is my business and client data secure and private…? Are we at risk?

  • What does my Business Continuity Plan look like…? Can we survive an outage?

  • Are my systems and processes behind the times…? How can I integrate flexibility and adaptability into my current technology?

  • Are my employees able to effectively communicate…? How can we make it easier for employees to collaborate?

  • Is the business stunted by the inability to work remotely…? How can we integrate new tools to enhance working or meeting outside of the office?

  • Can I quickly and easily track and analyze customer data…? How much more can I gain from improving the data and methods by which we collect?

  • Are our business processes overly complex or inefficient…? How can we streamline?

  • What gaps are there in our customer service operations…? How can we use technology to improve customer service and satisfaction?

the IT factor

meet our management team…

Matthew, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

As a young boy, Matthew always had the need to know how things worked. Taking things apart, exploring their inner workings and then putting them all back together was his greatest joy. When he was 13 he received his first computer, and a new man was born.

For the next 25 years Matthew immersed himself in anything and everything computer and technology related. Starting his first tech-support business at only age 15, Matthew went on to advance his technical abilities by attending Ryerson University where he obtained a Bachelors of Commerce degree in the study of Information Technology Business Management. This area of knowledge rounded out his expertise, opening his eyes to how businesses truly depend on IT.

Since then Matthew has applied his skills at some of Canada’s largest and finest Organizations. Now Matthew brings his knowledge and exposure of Enterprise systems, policies and procedures to the small and medium sized businesses; helping this important business group realize what can be possible when effectively using the right technology - without breaking the bank.

Matthew is now on a steady course to leverage new ideas, implement new technologies and expand the offerings of Mackenzie Technology Solutions to his new and current clients.

Matthew_1 (Medium).jpg

Mandy, Director of Operations & Project Management Officer

Driven. Organized. Focused. Mandy's existence in both life and business. If you want something done she's the one to have on your team!

With a certification in Project Management, diverse industry experience (spanning from Legal to Fitness to Construction), and an energy level that has no 'low' setting, Mandy is the perfect partner to ensure everything is taken care of on time and on budget - all the while, crossing and dotting those 't's and 'i's. Rest assured, nothing gets past this one.

Regardless of the project, client service is her top priority, and Mandy strives to pay close attention to every client need, helping them understand the value behind using their technology to build their business.

Mandy, Director of Operations & Project Management Officer (PMO)

Whether you’re on-board for full digital transformation or more locally focused on business optimization, MTSI partners with you one-on-one to become your new IT department.
In order to do so effectively, we need to be on the same page.

Are we a fit?

some things to consider to help you decide..

MTSI builds long-term relationships. We partner with businesses seeking to outsource their ongoing IT development and maintenance needs, not ‘One-off’, sporadic support requests;

You have a reasonable budget for the work requested. We work together to ensure your team clearly understands the investment required to achieve your goals, as well as the expected tangible benefits of that investment;

We share responsibility. As a team, we agree to communicate openly, honestly and regularly. We share responsibility for meeting agreed upon timelines;

You agree to keep us informed of any new technology or platforms. Digitization and optimization depend on knowing what systems are at play;

We are mutually respectful of each other’s time, opinions and expertise. Respect is rooted in listening, and listening is the basis of our long-term relationships.

Does that sound like the kind of business relationship you want to build with your IT Service Provider?

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